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Göttin German Shepherd Dogs

training articles & videos

Training me is not an option, it is an OBLIGATION.
It is not something to be done only once I start causing  problems, it is how to prevent problems starting.

We believe that the training and socialisation of dogs is crucial in preventing behavioural problems. All breed clubs provide exposure to a variety of dogs in all shapes and sizes which provides a more rounded experience for your family companion. Dogs should be taught to socialise in a positive manner with a wide range of dogs from an early age and this is difficult to achieve by restricting
your training to a single breed club. There are a number of All Breed Dog Clubs that our puppy/dog owners have recommended, see our
Links list.

Dog Fear - Stop Feeding it & Fix it
"Do you pet and soothe your dog when he's afraid?
Has it worked yet?
Dog fear can be conquered but never be placating a fearful dog."

Dog Behaviour Modification
"Here are simple tips for dog behavior modification
including my own stories for a better understanding of dog behavior.
Bad manners, destructive and aggressive issues might be our lack of dog communication."

  1. How To Teach Any Dog PERFECT Obedience! (Sit,Down,Stand)
  2. Taking Food away from your puppy
  3. Coming when called
  4. Greeting Visitors Calmly
  5. How To Train Calmness in Dogs! (Part I)
  6. How To Train Calmness In Dogs (Part II)
  7. Dog Training Tutorial- HOUSETRAINING 
  8. Dog Training Explained
  9. How To Clicker Train "Heel" Position (Dog Training)
  10. Popular Dog Training Questions Answered! (#1)
  11. Dog Training Tutorial: Holding Objects & Clean Up!
  12. Dog Training Tutorial: Building Eye Contact & Attention
  13. Dog behaviour problems
  14. Clean your Paws
  15. How to Train Puppy to Stop Biting
  16. How to teach your dog to fetch
  17. How to teach your dog to come
  18. How to raise a well-behaved puppy
  19. More on Recall
  20. Dominance Debunked
  21. How to teach your dog to stop pulling Part 1
  22. How to teach your dog to stop pulling Part 2
  23. Offleash Reliability

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