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Göttin German Shepherd Dogs

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We believe that German Shepherd Dogs need to be exposed to other dogs whilst they are puppies & continue to socialise & train with different breeds regularly.

That is why we recommend taking your puppy/dog to an All Breeds Obedience Club which will provide a much more rounded experience for your family companion than what would be achieved at GSD specific training.

There are a number of All Breeds Obedience Clubs that our puppy/dog owners have recommended listed below.

The following links promote Pure Bred German Shepherd Dogs, Training facilities, Veterinary Care, Boarding Kennels, Victorian Pet Friendly Beaches, Day Care, Holiday Retreats & Pet Transport.

TCM Practitioner Iva Baloun

K9 Health Support

Silhouette Ragdolls  are a small exclusive cattery dedicated to breeding beautiful, healthy Ragdoll Cats from traditional bloodlines, true to type with the strong emphasis being on the layback temperament, size, eye colour, personality & specialising in a limited range of colours & patterns

GSD featured on this page Kazkiri Deep Purple - Zeke. Proudly owned by Jackie, Doug & Rebecca Jacobson



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