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Göttin German Shepherd Dogs

gsdca microchip scheme

From July 1st 2017, the Tattoo GSDCA Breed Improvement Scheme has changed.

Tattoo Scheme: For animals born from July 1st 2017, microchip will be the only form of positive identification recognised for participation in GSDCA Breed Schemes. The Tattoo Scheme will cease to exist.

The Tattoo Scheme was introduced into Australia in 1978 and is open to Breeders of all registered pedigreed German Shepherd Dogs. To ensure the integrity of the scheme, all tattooing of German Shepherds MUST be done by the authorised GSDCV Inc Tattoo Officers.

Breeders apply for & are given a tattoo symbol, which consists of three letters for their Kennel Prefix.

At approximately 7 weeks of age the breeder arranges for the Club Tattooist to tattoo the puppies in their right ear with the letters making up the Kennel prefix to which three numbers are added. Each puppy in a litter is given his own number & this is recorded by the Tattooist. Copies are given to the breeder, the tattooist & the GSDCA.

This tattoo is then used as positive identification for each individual puppy for life. It is used to identify the animals participating in the other GSDCA Schemes - Hip X-ray, Elbow X-ray, Haemophilia Testing & Breed Survey.
There is a record kept of every German Shepherd Dog that has been tattooed. If an animal is lost or stolen the tattoo is used to identify the dog & reunite him with his owner.
As the ANKC requires all puppies to be microchipped & breeders are able to use their discretion whether they tattoo or microchip or both, we have decided to microchip our puppies and to no longer tattoo them.

NB: microchipping
The ANKC requires all puppies to be microchipped. At time of registering a litter of puppies the Breeder provides the ANKC the matching of Microchip Number to the Dog's Registered Name & Number.
Tattooing is still a GSDCA approved scheme, but it now it is at the Breeder's discretion as to whether they Tattoo, Microchip or both.
Effective from 1st January 2012 the GSDCA moved that microchipping is an acceptable form of identification for the GSDCA Breed Improvement Schemes along with the Tattooing Schemes.

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