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Göttin German Shepherd Dogs

house training

 House training can be relatively easy if you abide by the following:
- Always take the puppy outside immediately after feeding and wait until the puppy eliminates and once he has praise him.
- Always take the puppy outside immediately after he wakes up from a sleep. Wait until the puppy eliminates - preferably both sorts allow the puppy inside again. The difficulty of house training is being there in the first place.
Your puppy will prefer to keep his sleeping area clean.
A puppy cannot discriminate what is or isn't a suitable area to eliminate in. Most dogs are very clean & once house trained may hold on for some considerable time before urinating or defecating.
If a puppy has been raised on newspaper, a good idea is to put some newspaper down by the door, and gradually move the newspaper out & away from the house. If the puppy eliminates , other than the newspaper, pick the puppy up, shake him and say NO loudly, either take him to the newspaper or take him outside quickly, praise the puppy once he has finished his business.
NEVER, EVER look for rolled up newspaper to hit the puppy with, you will only succeed in making the puppy afraid and lose the instant effect of chastisement of a foul deed done right in front of you.

House training is not instantaneous. Some puppies learn very quickly, especially if the owner is there to supervise puppy during the first week or so, and makes a point of being very alert about catching the puppy before the puppy makes a mess.

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