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Göttin German Shepherd Dogs

training questions

from what age can I take my puppy to obedience classes?
To be 
part of the 'responsible owner fraternity', we suggest the new owner takes their puppy to obedience classes from 8 weeks of age.

Obedience training will assist in your puppy becoming a well adjusted member of our community.

If you are taking your puppy to a registered club, all animals taking part in any form of training are checked on a regular basis to see that their vaccinations are current.




​**We believe that the training and socialisation of dogs is crucial in preventing behavioural problems. All breed clubs provide exposure to a variety of dogs in all shapes and sizes which provides a more rounded experience for your family companion. Dogs should be taught to socialise in a positive manner with a wide range of dogs from an early age and this is difficult to achieve by restricting your training to a single breed club. There are a number of All Breed Dog Clubs that our puppy/dog owners have recommended, see our Links list.

GSD featured on this page is Kazkiri Cherokee

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