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German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri GSDsGerman Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri GSDs

From July 1st 2017, the Breed Survey GSDCA Breed Improvement Scheme has changed.

Breed Survey Scheme: From July 1st 2017, animals presented to Breed Survey will receive a single ‘Breed Surveyed’ classification. The Class I and Class II classifications will cease to exist. Animals surveyed prior to July 1st will retain their class I or II .

The first German Shepherd to be Breed Surveyed in Australia was Dermark Napier on 31 January 1977.
At a Breed Survey a very accurate description of the dog's virtues and faults are recorded and kept for reference. An overall evaluation of the dog's breed worth and advice as to breeding partners is given with complete impartiality with the aim being to breed dogs in the future as close to the Breed Standard as possible.In August 1986, the 1000th dog was surveyed in Victoria. The dog was Kamarn Icarus, a son of Condor Arminius, and maternal grandson of Karen Lauerhof. Since that time, many animals have passed through the Breed Survey scheme, successfully acquiring Breed Survey status.

A Breed Survey is unlike 'showing' an animal, as dogs are not assessed against one another. Animals who are presented for Survey must be at least 18 months of age. Copies of the original documents for hip, elbow,haemophilia (the haemophilia scheme applies to imported male dogs and sons of imported females only) and a five generation pedigree are required by the surveyors.

The ear is checked for the correct tattoo number, the dog is then weighed, measured and the teeth checked for correct dentition. The anatomy is assessed in a subjective manner based upon the Breed Standard. There is also a gun and crowd test. All information is recorded.

In general a comprehensive evaluation of the dog is made. Dogs are classified Breed Survey Class 1 (Recommended for Breeding), Breed Survey Class 11 (Suitable for Breeding) or NRB (Not Recommended for Breeding).

The results of each Breed Survey are published in a Breed Survey Year Book along with Hip and Elbow results. This book is a 'must buy' for breeders because of the valuable information it contains. All would-be breeding stock should be surveyed, so that we can make breeding progress.
Kazkiri Ngaire's Breed Survey Summation  - youtube
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