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Göttin German Shepherd Dogs

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German Shepherd Dogs - Kazkiri GSDsWe are not Veterinarians. You, as the owner, are bound to care for your puppy/dog by seeking Veterinary care promptly when needed. We encourage you to speak to your Vet if you are at all concerned about the health of your puppy/dog.

If at any time you are in doubt about any health situation or EMERGENCY you find yourself and your pet in, CONTACT YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY!

Bitches usually have their first season somewhere between the ages of 7 & 14 months.  She should then come into season every 4 -6 months thereafter but ........ THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS TO EVERY RULE & some females may only have a season every 12 months but these are a minority in the Breed.

Bitches that are going to be spayed should have their first season completed & be past their heat period, which lasts for 3 weeks before spaying is performed. If done during their season it is more dangerous for the bitch, due to possible excessive bleeding, & sometimes Veterinary Surgeons charge more if the bitch is in season.

Dogs Victoria article - "When to Neuter" by Andrew S Kolnick & Claudia Gray DVM
Veterinarians know a lot more now about the health benefits & risks of neutering than they did a decade ago. They used to think removing a dog's testicles could help protect him from prostate cancer. We now know it doesn't. In fact, neutered dogs are two to four times more likely to develop the usually fatal cancer than intact dogs. Castration does eliminate the risk of testicular cancer & other prostate problems, but these are not as deadly as prostate cancer. Although spaying prevents uterine infections & ovarian cancer, it increases the risk of urinary incontinence."
When to neuter

NB OUR SPAY NEUTER POLICY: For whose benefit are you desexing your puppy - your benefit or your dog's long term health?
Generally our puppies are owned by people who wish to spay or neuter their family pets, with many vets advising to do this at a very early age – 3 - 6 months or even before the puppy leaves the breeder. However, while understanding pet owners wishes to follow their Vet’s advice, scientific evidence is mounting that early desexing can be detrimental & can deliver serious consequences to your dog’s long term health . Amongst those health issues are: shortened lifespan, atypical Cushing’s disease, cardiac tumors, bone cancer, abnormal bone growth and development, CCL ruptures, and hip dysplasia.
We encourage dedicated owner responsibility and care, and are very sensitive to issues that might compromise the health of our canine companions.
We advise that if you MUST spay or neuter your family companion - spay or neuter at a minimum of one year if not two years of age. Allow your pet to reach full maturation and adulthood before considering surgery.

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Spaying/neutering your pet.
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